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Yamazaki Distillery

Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun, 618-0000, Osaka,

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2018 * Yamazaki, conveniently located between Osaka and Kyoto, is considered the birthplace of Japanese whisky. It was here that Shinjiro Torii decided to build the first whisky distillery. The construction of Yamazaki distillery began in late 1932 and was completed the following year. The distillery started put with two pot stills but has been reconfigured and expanded many times over the years, fist in 1957, and most recently in 2013, when four pot stills were added bringing the count to 16. There´s plenty of variety in terms of heating method, shape, size, lyne-arm orientation and condenser type. Since 1988, eight of the washbacks are wooden whereas the other nine are stainless steel. With different peating levels for the barley, different yeast strains and a plethora of cask types, the variety of whisky types created at Yamazaki distillery is quite staggering. Yamazaki was the first generally available single malt in Japan. That was 1984. These days, “generally available” has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Of the theoretical line-up of NAS, 12,18 and 25 year old, the age-statement expressions are fast becoming like unicorns – reputed to exist but when was the last time you saw one? In the past, Suntory released limited editions on a regular basis, but those days are gone. All we have to report on that front is the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2017, the latest in the annual, NAS limited edition series for the domestic market. Word on the street is that a Yamazaki 18yo Mizunara bottling may see the light of day before the year is over. There´s little doubt the liquid will be top notch, but there´s even less doubt that it´ll cost a pretty penny… if it materializes and if you can manage to put your hands on a bottle.*

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