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Malt Whisky Yearbook 2018 * Not least thanks to a rebound for the cognac Rémy Martin in China and also in USA, Rémy Cointreau could report a sales growth of 4.2% to €1.09 billion for the financial year 2016/17. Net profits were improved by 22.3% to €135m. The division Liqueurs & Spirits, which also includes Bruichladdich whisky and Botanist gin, was up 19.9% and without specifying any numbers, the company said both brand posted “double digit” gain. The company from Bruichladdich also contains the French distillery Domaine des Hautes Glaces and Westland Distillery based in Seattle. Both distilleries were acquired in 2016. The new division will by headed by Simon Coughlin, former CEO of Bruichladdich.*

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